Helpful Tips when Refitting your Pharmacy Shop

A pharmacy refit can benefit the business both aesthetically and financially. If you think that the current state of your pharmacy requires a refit or you wish to improve the potential of your business, the tips below can help you.

Ensure you Plan the Refit Carefully

A pharmacy refit is a big investment and you will want to get a good return on your investment. To ensure your refit is successful, be clear from the beginning on what you wish to achieve. You will want to spend weeks to carefully plan the project including the pharmacy shop design. This can accelerate the time to be spent on refurbishment, reduce trading disruption and avoid unwelcome surprises.

You will want to carry out a refitting project to make the dispensary workflow more efficient. The best outcome is achieved when prescription items go in and out of the dispensary quickly. The plan should involve separate workstations. Pharmacies that are busier than others can use modular shelving systems.

Make Sure Consultation Rooms Comply with Building Regulations

Depending on where your business is located, you may have to check with the right government agency to be sure about compliance with building codes. In some countries, pharmacy consultation rooms must offer access to people with physical disabilities. Thus, it may not be a good idea to make this space small since it won’t be inviting. So think carefully about your services and make the space future-proof.

Consider Color and Lighting

A lot of contemporary refits no longer embrace the conventional pharmacy greens. In fact, many pharmacies today go beyond the dark wood-finish fixtures and prefer light- and white-finish clinical-looking fixtures. In order to provide the space a modern twist, pharmacies use pastel variants of blues and greens or bright color splashes.

In addition, pharmacies today consider having less-cluttered windows. In fact, they prefer to replace these with open-aspect doors and windows to form a light, airy feel that can make the space more inviting.

Spend Refitting Money Wisely

While shop fitting is a big expense, make sure you do this at least every ten years. Create a budget for the project so you can hire a good refitting company. Also, avoid doing the project yourself if you want to avoid the risk of delays. Moreover, have plans that are future-proof. Make sure you have more internet ports and sockets than you need now as well have enough workstations and bench space as dispensing workloads increase.